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AI for Architecture and Interior Design Renders. Best Exterior and Interior Design AI Tool for Sketch to Render, Image to Render, and Masterplan Coloring. 

Sketch to render


From Sketch to Render Instant AI Generator: Choose different styles such as Daylight, Photorealism, Cinematic, and Beyond.

1-click Exteriors and Interiors Redesign: Generate architectural designs from just an image or a 3d model screenshot in seconds.

Upscale Your Architectural Design Process With AI Rendering Tools

Turn your sketches into renders with one-click

Upload a single photo to redesign your room

Convert your landscape models into hyper-realistic renders

Exterior design AI

Render your Sketchup designs with ArchiVinci. Quickly transform Blender or 3Ds Max models into stunning visuals. Create a variety of architecture visualizations for exteriors.

Modern villa exterior rendered by ArchiVinci's AI, showcasing sleek lines and innovative design

Interior design AI

AI interior design renders. Redesign your room or any interior area to create realistic designs. Generate renders with screenshots, sketches or photos.

Elegant interior design visualized by ArchiVinci AI, featuring modern furniture and warm lighting.

Masterplan AI

Effortlessly add vibrant, realistic colors to your masterplans with ArchiVinci's AI-powered coloring feature, enhancing your creativity in all ways.

AI-generated master plan by ArchiVinci, detailing a comprehensive layout with green spaces and structures.

AI for Sketch to image

AI for Exterior design

Get lifelike visuals with realistic details in renders.

Turn sketches into smart designs effortlessly.

Customize easily to match your vision.

Design alternatives for your architectural renderings.

AI landscape generation around buildings.

Help with exterior design of your apartment.

AI for Interior design

Realistic furniture suggestion for your interior spaces.

Optimize your interior space planning.

Easy selection of furniture, color and decor.

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Before and after transformation of a sketch into a photorealistic image by ArchiVinci's AI technology.
ArchiVinci AI refinement of an interior design image, showcasing improved detail and realism.
This image illustrates the transformative power of ArchiVinci's 'Sketch to Render' feature, where initial sketches evolve into detailed, photorealistic architectural renderings, demonstrating the seamless blend of creativity and AI technology.
This image captures the essence of ArchiVinci's 'Redesign' feature, showcasing an advanced AI-driven transformation where existing architectural designs are reimagined and enhanced, highlighting the blend of innovation and artistic vision.
Enhanced architectural visualization by ArchiVinci AI, converting a basic image into a detailed, lifelike render.

AI Architecture Generator

An image demonstrating the conversion of a Masterplan coloured by ArchiVinci's AI processors.

AI for Masterplan

Turn your masterplans into realistic renders

AI-powered site plan coloring module

AI Masterplan coloring effortlessly in seconds

An image showcasing a room virtually staged by ArchiVinci's AI technology, demonstrating the transformation from a basic layout to a fully furnished interior.

AI for Furnishing Empty Room

Transform your spaces with realistic staging

AI-powered virtual staging module

Effortlessly furnish interiors in seconds with AI

Reshape your interiors with realistic modifications

AI-powered interior modification module

Effortlessly refine interiors in seconds with AI

AI for Inpainting

An image illustrating the modification of an interior design by ArchiVinci's AI, showing the transformation from an initial concept to a refined, updated space.

What is ArchiVinci?

ArchiVinci is an innovative suite of AI-driven design tools encompassing the Sketch to Architectural Render AI Tool, Exterior Design AI Tool, Interior Design AI Tool, and Landscape Design AI Tool. It empowers users to effortlessly transform sketches into detailed architectural designs and enhance various aspects of design, from exteriors to interiors and landscapes.

How can I use ArchiVinci?

Using ArchiVinci is user-friendly. Simply upload your hand-drawn sketches or input your design preferences, and let the AI tools take over. Customize the generated designs, receive smart recommendations, and visualize your architectural, exterior, interior, or landscape designs with ease.

What are the benefits of using ArchiVinci?

ArchiVinci streamlines the design process, saving time and effort. It offers quick and intelligent design interpretations, customization options, and realistic renderings. The suite's diverse tools cater to different design aspects, providing comprehensive solutions for architects, designers, and enthusiasts.

Why is ArchiVinci unique?

ArchiVinci stands out due to its combination of advanced AI algorithms and user-centric features. The suite covers a wide range of design needs, from architectural renders to landscape planning. Its uniqueness lies in the seamless integration of customization, realism enhancement, and contextual considerations, making it a versatile and powerful design companion.

Can I use my freehand sketches with ArchiVinci?

Absolutely! ArchiVinci is designed to interpret and transform freehand sketches into detailed architectural renders seamlessly. Your freehand sketches can be a starting point for creating realistic and customizable designs.

Does the AI tool help with choosing plants for my landscape?

Certainly! The Landscape Design AI Tool includes a smart plant selection algorithm, offering guidance on choosing plants that suit your climate, soil conditions, and aesthetic preferences.

Can I try to turn my sketch into a render for free with ArchiVinci?

ArchiVinci offers a user-friendly experience, and you can try turning your sketch into a render for free. Take advantage of a trial or a free version to explore the features and see how ArchiVinci enhances your design process.

Can I turn my model or sketch into a render using ArchiVinci?

Yes, ArchiVinci is equipped to handle both sketches and 3D models. Whether you start with a hand-drawn sketch or already have a 3D model, ArchiVinci's tools can transform it into realistic renders, providing flexibility in your design process.

Are there tools in ArchiVinci to redesign my home?

Yes, ArchiVinci includes tools for interior and exterior design, allowing you to redesign your home effortlessly. Explore customization options, style recommendations, and spatial planning to give your home a fresh and personalized look.

Does ArchiVinci render SketchUp, 3D Max, and Revit models?

Absolutely! ArchiVinci is versatile and can handle a variety of 3D models, including those from SketchUp, 3D Max, Revit, and more. Simply import your model into ArchiVinci to transform it into detailed and realistic renders.

Can I render from a screenshot using ArchiVinci?

While ArchiVinci primarily works with sketches and 3D models, it's designed for flexibility. Depending on the tool's capabilities, you may be able to utilize screenshots as a reference for your design, providing additional convenience in the rendering process.

Does ArchiVinci preserve the design lines during rendering?

Absolutely. ArchiVinci prioritizes maintaining the integrity of your design lines throughout the rendering process. The AI algorithms are optimized to capture and enhance the details of your original sketches, ensuring a faithful representation in the final architectural render.

Frequently Asked Questions

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ArchiVinci transforms your sketches into stunning architectural designs with artificial intelligence.​

Whether it's a napkin doodle or a 3D model, ArchiVinci effortlessly brings your design to life.

Start getting your architectural renders for free with ArchiVinci today!

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